What are the commonly used buckles for outdoor hats nowadays

Issuing time:2023-06-10 17:31

With the rise of outdoor sports in China in recent years, outdoor hats have also become a single item that outdoor sports enthusiasts are very concerned about. Nowadays, outdoor hats in summer are basically characterized by thinness and breathability. With the continuous improvement of outdoor hats in summer, there are many changes in the commonly used fasteners of outdoor hats. Let's take a look together.

In the past, many baseball caps or outdoor hats used metal buckles, but now outdoor hats are developing in the direction of thinness, breathability and sweat absorption, so metal buckles are gradually eliminated. Nowadays, outdoor hats mainly use the following kinds of fasteners.

One is the plastic adjusting buckle, which is similar to the adjusting buckle on the schoolbag strap. By adjusting the length of the buckle for pulling the back strap in and out, the size of the cap circumference can be adjusted.

One is the self-adhesive fastener, which can be fastened by simply passing through the plastic ring and folding it.

The other is the elastic rope with the pig nose buckle. This buckle does not even need the wearer to operate the buckle himself. After wearing the hat directly, the elastic rope can automatically adjust the head circumference size for you.

Therefore, we can see that the buckles of outdoor hats are now more light and convenient to use. Want to know more about hats, please contact us for consultation.

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