To cope with the high temperature in summer, it is necessary to prepare outdoor sun protection caps

Issuing time:2023-06-12 17:39

According to the forecast of the meteorological department, this summer will usher in the hottest summer, with temperatures in many northern regions reaching 40 degrees Celsius recently. So we must do a good job of sun protection and summer vacation outdoors in the summer. To cope with the high temperature in summer, the hat factory recommends preparing several outdoor sunscreen hats this year.


In the hot summer, it is still inevitable for us to frequently participate in outdoor activities. When it comes to outdoor activities, we can use sunshades, sunscreen, etc. to prevent sun damage. However, when it comes to convenience, good use, and health, sunscreen hats are still the best choice.

In recent years, the new outdoor sun protection caps have not only further upgraded their sun protection function, but also have a UPF50+sun protection effect for most sun protection caps. Their design is also more fashionable and beautiful, attracting more and more consumers, especially young consumers.


At present, the most popular sunscreen hats are wide brim Bucket hat hats and hollow top hairpin hats. For general light sports, leisure, shopping, commuting, trendy and lightweight empty top hair clip hats are a great choice. If it is outdoor sports such as hiking and fishing that have been exposed to the sun for a long time, then the big brim Bucket hat hat with larger sun shading coverage is more recommended.


Wearing a sunscreen hat plays a very important role in our summer health. We hope that we can all do a good job in protecting ourselves from the scorching sun and high temperatures, and have a safe and happy summer.

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