What are the characteristics of children's hats this summer?

Issuing time:2023-06-16 16:41

The children's hat market is a relatively small part of the entire hat category, but in reality, children have no less demand for hats than adults. Especially in summer, hats have a greater impact on children. So what are the characteristics of this year's summer children's hats?

When we look at the popular children's hats on various platforms, we can see that in terms of their design, children's hats nowadays are more diverse and diverse than before. Many children's hats are linked with various cartoon IPs, full of childlike fun and are more loved by children.

In terms of style, like adult hats, children's hats have many more fashionable styles. For example, the empty top Peaked cap, cape hat and other styles are also very suitable for children to wear in summer, and they have also achieved very good sales this summer.

Bucket hat, empty top hat and Baseball cap are still the top selling hats among children's hats this year. In recent years, children's hats in summer have also been greatly improved in terms of sun protection and comfort. I believe that the market for children's hats will become increasingly broad in the future.

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