Why hats are becoming increasingly expensive is mainly due to these reasons

Issuing time:2023-06-23 17:41

If you are a friend who often buys hats, you may notice that the hats sold in the market now are much more expensive than in previous years. In the past, the hats we bought may only cost a few tens, tens, or even less than ten yuan. Nowadays, hats of one, two hundred, or even three, five hundred and one are also common. So why hats are becoming increasingly expensive is mainly due to these reasons.

The rise in raw material and labor costs, as well as common factors such as inflation in various industries, are naturally important reasons for the rise in hat prices. However, in recent years, consumer demand for hats has increased from the low end to the mid to high end, and the increase in the craftsmanship and technological content of hats is the key factor in the increasingly expensive prices of hats.

Nowadays, common mid to high-end hats not only use traditional pure cotton yarn cards, but also use more blended fabrics such as quick drying fabric, elastic fabric, mesh fabric, etc. These fabrics have further developed in terms of breathability, lightness, comfort, and other indicators. At the same time, these fabrics also need to pass more chemical and physical indicators testing, and due to the demand for green environmental protection, many brands of hats have requested suppliers to use recycled fabrics, which has increased the technological content of the fabrics. Of course, the corresponding costs have also increased, which will also provide consumers with a better experience.

In terms of hat making technology, there has also been significant progress in recent years. For example, outdoor hats can better fit the head shape than before, while ensuring the fashionable and beautiful hat shape. New hat styles such as hairpin hats and cape hats have emerged one after another. In the development and promotion of new hat styles, the application of new hat making technologies such as seamless adhesive pressing and laser punching has brought us more user-friendly and trendy hats. Of course, the prices of these hats will also be higher than those of traditional hats with simple craftsmanship in the past.

These factors in craftsmanship, design, and fabric, as well as the higher quality requirements of large brand hats, although the price of hats is higher, they also provide consumers with more exquisite products and better services. So, what price range would you choose for a hat? For more information on hats, please feel free to contact us for inquiries.

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